vm - /* Initialization function */ void vm_bootstrap(void);...

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#ifndef _VM_H_ #define _VM_H_ #include <machine/vm.h> /* * VM system-related definitions. * * You'll probably want to add stuff here. */ /* Fault-type arguments to vm_fault() */ #define VM_FAULT_READ 0 /* A read was attempted */ #define VM_FAULT_WRITE 1 /* A write was attempted */ #define VM_FAULT_READONLY 2 /* A write to a readonly page was attempted*/
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Unformatted text preview: /* Initialization function */ void vm_bootstrap(void); /* Fault handling function called by trap code */ int vm_fault(int faulttype, vaddr_t faultaddress); /* Allocate/free kernel heap pages (called by kmalloc/kfree) */ vaddr_t alloc_kpages(int npages); void free_kpages(vaddr_t addr); #endif /* _VM_H_ */...
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