addrspace - #ifndef _ADDRSPACE_H_ #define _ADDRSPACE_H_...

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#ifndef _ADDRSPACE_H_ #define _ADDRSPACE_H_ #include <vm.h> #include "opt-dumbvm.h" struct vnode; /* * Address space - data structure associated with the virtual memory * space of a process. * * You write this. */ struct addrspace { #if OPT_DUMBVM vaddr_t as_vbase1; paddr_t as_pbase1; size_t as_npages1; vaddr_t as_vbase2; paddr_t as_pbase2; size_t as_npages2; paddr_t as_stackpbase; #else /* Put stuff here for your VM system */ #endif }; /* * Functions in addrspace.c: * * as_create - create a new empty address space. You need to make * sure this gets called in all the right places. You * may find you want to change the argument list. May * return NULL on out-of-memory error. * * as_copy - create a new address space that is an exact copy of * an old one. Probably calls as_create to get a new * empty address space and fill it in, but that's up to * you. * * as_activate - make the specified address space the one currently * "seen" by the processor. Argument might be NULL, * meaning "no particular address space".
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addrspace - #ifndef _ADDRSPACE_H_ #define _ADDRSPACE_H_...

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