scheduler - * scheduler_shutdown - clean up scheduler data *

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#ifndef _SCHEDULER_H_ #define _SCHEDULER_H_ /* * Scheduler-related function calls. * * scheduler - run the scheduler and choose the next thread to run. * make_runnable - add the specified thread to the run queue. If it's * already on the run queue or sleeping, weird things * may happen. Returns an error code. * * print_run_queue - dump the run queue to the console for debugging. * * scheduler_bootstrap - initialize scheduler data * (must happen early in boot)
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Unformatted text preview: * scheduler_shutdown - clean up scheduler data * scheduler_preallocate - ensure space for at least NUMTHREADS threads. * Returns an error code. */ struct thread; struct thread *scheduler(void); int make_runnable(struct thread *t); void print_run_queue(void); void scheduler_bootstrap(void); int scheduler_preallocate(int numthreads); void scheduler_killall(void); void scheduler_shutdown(void); #endif /* _SCHEDULER_H_ */...
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