array - * the size. Returns an error number on failure. *...

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#ifndef _ARRAY_H_ #define _ARRAY_H_ /* * Resizeable array of void pointers. * * Functions: * array_create - allocate a new array object. Returns NULL if out * of memory. * array_preallocate - allocate enough space for at least NUM elements, * without changing the visible size of the array. Can * be used to prevent anticipated calls to setsize from * failing. Returns an error code. * array_getnum - return the size of the array. * array_getguy - return the specified element from the array. * array_setsize - alter the size of the array. If shrunk, excess * elements are dropped. If expanded, the new elements * are *not* initialized. Returns an error number on * failure. * array_setguy - set the specified element in the array to the passed * pointer. The element must be within range. * array_add - add one pointer to the end of the array, increasing
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Unformatted text preview: * the size. Returns an error number on failure. * array_remove - remove one pointer from anywhere in the array. The * portion of the array after the index is moved down, * collapsing the resulting hole. * array_destroy - dispose of an array. If not empty, the contents are * lost. */ struct array; /* Opaque. */ struct array *array_create(void); int array_preallocate(struct array *, int nguys); int array_getnum(struct array *); void *array_getguy(struct array *, int index); int array_setsize(struct array *, int nguys); void array_setguy(struct array *, int index, void *ptr); int array_add(struct array *, void *guy); void array_remove(struct array *, int index); void array_destroy(struct array *); #endif /* _ARRAY_H_ */...
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