dev - struct vnode *dev_create_vnode(struct device *dev);...

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#ifndef _DEV_H_ #define _DEV_H_ struct uio; /* in <uio.h> */ /* * Filesystem-namespace-accessible device. * d_io is for both reads and writes; the uio indicates which should be done. */ struct device { int (*d_open)(struct device *, int flags_from_open); int (*d_close)(struct device *); int (*d_io)(struct device *, struct uio *); int (*d_ioctl)(struct device *, int op, userptr_t data); u_int32_t d_blocks; u_int32_t d_blocksize; void *d_data; /* device-specific data */ }; /* Create vnode for namespace-accessible device. */
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Unformatted text preview: struct vnode *dev_create_vnode(struct device *dev); /* Builtin namespace-accessible devices. */ void devnull_create(void); /* * Device probe functions. * * dev_bootstrap - start machine-independent device initialization. * * The corresponding machine-dependent function is called by the * machine-independent function. */ void dev_bootstrap(void); void machdep_dev_bootstrap(void); #endif /* _DEV_H_ */...
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