sfs - struct bitmap *sfs_freemap; /* blocks in use are...

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#ifndef _SFS_H_ #define _SFS_H_ /* * Get abstract structure definitions */ #include <vnode.h> #include <fs.h> /* * Get on-disk structures and constants that are made available to * userland for the benefit of mksfs, dumpsfs, etc. */ #include <kern/sfs.h> struct sfs_vnode { struct vnode sv_v; /* abstract vnode structure */ struct sfs_inode sv_i; /* on-disk inode */ u_int32_t sv_ino; /* inode number */ int sv_dirty; /* true if sv_i modified */ }; struct sfs_fs { struct fs sfs_absfs; /* abstract filesystem structure */ struct sfs_super sfs_super; /* on-disk superblock */ int sfs_superdirty; /* true if superblock modified */ struct device *sfs_device; /* device mounted on */ struct array *sfs_vnodes; /* vnodes loaded into memory */
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Unformatted text preview: struct bitmap *sfs_freemap; /* blocks in use are marked 1 */ int sfs_freemapdirty; /* true if freemap modified */ }; /* * Function for mounting a sfs (calls vfs_mount) */ int sfs_mount(const char *device); /* * Internal functions */ /* Initialize uio structure */ #define SFSUIO(uio, ptr, block, rw) \ mk_kuio(uio, ptr, SFS_BLOCKSIZE, ((off_t)(block))*SFS_BLOCKSIZE, rw) /* Convenience functions for block I/O */ int sfs_rwblock(struct sfs_fs *sfs, struct uio *uio); int sfs_rblock(struct sfs_fs *sfs, void *data, u_int32_t block); int sfs_wblock(struct sfs_fs *sfs, void *data, u_int32_t block); /* Get root vnode */ struct vnode *sfs_getroot(struct fs *fs); #endif /* _SFS_H_ */...
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