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Exam 1 Study Guide Communication Studies 5 The following is a guide to help you in studying for your midterm exam. It is intended only as a guide – all material covered before the exam in readings, discussions, activities, and lectures could appear on the exam. You will need to bring a green scantron and a number 2 pencil for this exam. The exam will cover information from the following chapters: Chapter 1: Define communication Understand parts of definition Understand the models of communication Different ways communication affects our lives (3) Chapter 2: Understand the evolution of the communication discipline Understand the different research methods of studying communication and be able to recognize examples Know the principles that link all communication research Chapter 3: Perception definition Understand the perception process and be able to recognize examples Be able to identify influences on perception
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Unformatted text preview: Know the tools for improving perception Chapter 4: Know the features of language Communication rules (regulative/constitutive), ways we use language Symbolic abilities of language Chapter 5: Nonverbal communication definition Principles of NV communication Types of NV communication (10) Guidelines for effective NV communication Chapter 6: Listening definition Understand the process of listening Obstacles to effective listening (situational & internal) Types of ineffective listening Chapter 7: Communication climate definition Levels of confirmation Be able to distinguish and identify 6 types of communication that promote supportive/defensive climates Conflict definition and types Know the 4 steps to managing conflict Chapter 8: Culture definition Know how culture and communication are linked Understand how to adopt communication to diverse cultures...
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EXAM%201%20STUDY%20GUIDE-1 - Know the tools for improving...

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