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Chap12hw Short Answer 1. Why is productivity related to the standard of living? In your answer be sure to explain what productivity and standard of living mean. Make a list of things that determine labor productivity. 2. What is a production function? Write an equation for a typical production function, and explain what each of the terms represents. 3. Some data that at first might seem puzzling: The share of GDP devoted to investment was similar for the United States and South Korea from 1960-1991. However, during these same years South Korea had a 6
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Unformatted text preview: percent growth rate of average annual income per person, while the United States had only a 2 percent growth rate. If the saving rates were the same, why were the growth rates so different? 4. In addition to investment in physical and human capital, what other public policies might a country adopt to increase productivity? 5. Compare and contrast the population theories of Malthus and Kremer....
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