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CALIFORNIA STATE UNIVERSITY, LOS ANGELES College of Business and Economics, Department of Finance and Law FINANCE 205 – LEGAL AND REGULATORY ENVIRONMENT OF BUSINESS I Instructor: Prof. Mark S. Simonian Fall Quarter, 2011 ______________________ WRITTEN ASSIGNMENT ______________________ INSTRUCTIONS 1. Carefully READ the facts presented in the hypothetical case. 2. Next, CONSIDER the issues presented. 3. Then, RESEARCH the law relevant to these issues in your textbook and/or online, as necessary. 4. Finally, ANSWER the numbered Questions. (You should be able to answer all of the Questions presented in less than two typewritten pages.) You must TYPE your answers or you will not receive credit for them. Also, you must type your Name and Class term on each page of your answers. IF YOU DO NOT TYPE THIS INFORMATION ON EACH PAGE OF YOUR ANSWERS, YOU WILL FAIL (I.E., RECEIVE ZERO (0) POINTS) AS YOUR GRADE . You may receive partial credit for identifying or explaining the legal doctrines or terms of art that apply, but, because this Written Assignment is open book/open notes, your answers definitely will be graded on completeness and clarity of thought, legal analysis, and written expression. YOUR ANSWERS ARE DUE AT THE BEGINNING OF THE NEXT CLASS SESSION. LATE PAPERS MAY RECEIVE ZERO (0) POINTS . (Please refer to the Class Syllabus for the Instructor’s policy on late papers.) WARNING : Although you may work with other students to analyze the material and questions, your answers must be written IN YOUR OWN WORDS . If any of your answers are substantially similar in wording to another student's answers (i.e. , if you copy or are copied from), each student will FAIL this Assignment (receiving ZERO (0) POINTS ). It is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to safeguard your own written answers so that no one else copies them. [205:1111/2CSU_WrittenAssignmentX5_Mallor14e]
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205:1111/2CSU_WrittenAssignmentX5_Mallor14e] FINANCE 205 – LEGAL AND REGULATORY ENVIRONMENT OF BUSINESS I Instructor: Prof. Mark S. Simonian Written Assignment – Fall Quarter, 2011 I. CASE FACTS 1. With the end of the fiscal year looming and no money for employee bonuses, discount firm Mega-Low-Mania Corp. President E. Goe decided a large holiday party was the perfect substitute. She ordered Mega-Low-Mania's V.P/Human Relations Hiram N. Firemm to make the arrangements, telling him that she would pay for the party "out of her own pocket". Anxious to impress his boss, but knowing not to spend too much for the party, Hiram knew that he would have to shop carefully, but quickly, with the holidays mere days away. 2. First, Hiram focused on the food. Most of the well-reputed caterers were already booked, but Twilight Dining, a new firm with young go-getters who “never say die,” jumped at the chance to cater Mega-Low-Mania’s holiday event. However, given the last-minute nature of Hiram’s party planning, Twilight Catering required a “full-fee deposit” of $20,000 in advance, which Mega-Low-Mania paid. “Blood suckers!”
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205_WrittenAssigment_X5_Fall11 - CALIFORNIA STATE...

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