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ENG WR 300 Dr. Jordan Directions: Answer each question fully, in a thoughtful manner, paying close attention to the textual evidence you are using to support your answer. Bring your answers to class discussion. These will be collected and count for part of your participation grade. Take as much room as you need. You may write on the back of the page and/or attach extra paper as well. Attach your responses to the final draft of your essay when you turn it in. 1)
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Unformatted text preview: How has the myth of the frontier left its mark on modern thinking about America? What is the legacy of the West? 2) Compare Turner's notion of the "primitive" with the "savage." While recognizing that Turner's text is a product of its time, how do we speak to its nationalist, imperialist, and rat assumptions? 3) Define Turner's notion of progress. What are the cultural and environmental losses and compromises that are the result of industrialism?...
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