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ENGLISH Dr. Jordan Journal Assignment For roughly each class session, I will assign one of the supplementary readings (usually commentaries) from our text that represents part of a larger conversation surrounding the longer works we will read for this class. For each of these readings, you are expected to write for homework one full journal entry (at least two paragraphs), one full page or longer, composed of a precis-and-response (summary of the text’s argument and your argumentative response to it). The journals will be collected both at the mid-term and the last class (5 each time), graded for their completeness and quality of critical thinking. When thinking of what to write for your journal response, first try to sift out the writer’s primary argument or purpose in writing their essay. Try to condense their argument as succinctly as possible; state this for your first paragraph (precis) and then flesh out the paragraph by mentioning 1-3 examples of the evidence the writer gives to support their argument.
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