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ENGLISH 300 Dr. Jordan Paper 3: Entering into a Critical Conversation: Synthesizing Sources Length: 1600-1800 words Draft Workshop: Tuesday, March 23rd Paper Due: Tuesday, April 20th In her essay, “In Search of Our Mother’s Gardens,” Alice Walker is constructing an argument about the legacy of women artists. In constructing this argument, Walker often quotes Woolf for a very particular rhetorical purpose. For this assignment, you will look closely at how, why, and where Walker invokes and then rewrites portions of Woolf’s text. You should first refer back to Woolf’s essay to revisit your own perspective on her text. Take careful note of the ways in which Woolf’s perspectives, opinions, and purposes meet and diverge with Walker’s. For this assignment consider the following questions: What parts of Woolf’s text does Walker change, and for what reason? What can we infer about Walker’s attitude toward Woolf? Why do you think that Walker chooses Woolf’s
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