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Adjective Clauses - By Sandra Briggs Source Grammar...

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Humberto Garza de la Garza 799699 Adjective Clauses --Is That So? By: Sandra Briggs Source: Grammar: Strategies and Practice Advanced Published: 1994 Read each sentence and put in commas when necessary to set off a clause. If the underlined pronoun can be changed to that, cross out the pronoun and write that in the blank. 1. A raffle which , is an activity in which people have a chance to win a prize is being held at the new mall. 2. The shopping mall which that opened just last week distributed raffle tickets to customers as they entered the mall. 3. The customers who that did not have special tickets could not win a prize in the raffle. 4. The drawing of the winning raffle ticket was delayed, but the people who that had tickets waited patiently. 5. The holders of the raffle tickets which that did not have winning numbers were disappointed. Adjective Clauses --Getting it together
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Unformatted text preview: By: Sandra Briggs Source: Grammar: Strategies and Practice Advanced Published: 1994 Use the cues to write sentences with relative clauses. 1. husband / good skier / born in Switzerland Her husband who is a good skier was born in Switzerland. 2. cornbread recipe / I told you about / on page 29 of cookbook The cornbread recipe which I told you about is on page 29 of the cookbook. 3. shortest month of year / February / 29 days every four years The shortest month of the year which is February has 29 days every four years. 4. elephant / gentlest of all creatures / vegetarian The elephant, which is the gentlest of all creatures, is vegetarian 5. ban on ivory imports / controversial but successful / may save African elephant The ban on ivory imports, which is controversial but successful, may save the African elephant....
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