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participles as adjectives - 5 The play is_entertaining(to...

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Participles as Adjectives For each of the following sentences, fill in the blank with either the present participle or the past participle of the verb shown in brackets. Use a present participle to refer to something being done by the thing being described; and use a past participle to refer to something which has been done to the thing being described. For example: The evidence is __________. (to convince) The evidence is convincing. The ______ treasure was discovered accidentally. (to hide) The hidden treasure was discovered accidentally. 1. Yesterday she heard ___surprising______ news. (to surprise) 2. The ____rented_____ tools must be returned by five o'clock. (to rent) 3. The ___frightened____ rabbit stayed perfectly still. (to frighten) 4. We had a ____frightening____ experience. (to frighten)
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Unformatted text preview: 5. The play is ___entertaining___. (to entertain) 6. The ____completed_____ picture hung on the wall. (to complete) 7. That is an ____interesting_____ story. (to interest) 8. The king sat on a ____raised____ chair. (to raise) 9. The situation is _____alarming______. (to alarm) 10. An ____inverted____ bowl covered the cake. (to invert) 11. The ____soothing____ lullaby sent the infant to sleep. (to soothe) 12. A ____covered____ walkway joined the two buildings. (to cover) 13. They laid the ____folded____ clothes on the bed. (to fold) 14. ____enticing____ smells floated out of the kitchen. (to entice) 15. He stacked the ___chopped___ wood near the fireplace. (to chop) Source: http://www.fortunecity.com/bally/durrus/153/gramex21.html#16...
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