Present Tense Exercise - 17. The fish in the aquarium...

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Humberto Garza de la Garza A00799699 Present Tense Directions: Fill in the blank with is or are. 1. Neither the doctor nor the nurses ____are____ here. 2. The number of nurses in the city ____are____ very large. 3. All of the nurses ___are___very good. 4. All of the medicine ____are____gone. 5. Some of the water ____are____used for irrigation. 6. Most of the money ____are____counterfeit. 7. Not only the money but also the jewels _____are_____locked up in the safe. 8. Neither the jewels nor the money ____are_____mine. 9. All of the cookies _____are____gone. 10. Half of the furniture ____are____in the truck. 11. The crew ____is____ asleep in their bunks down in the hold of the ship. 12. Several unusual species of birds ___are____ found in this sea. 13. When a young deer ___is____ motionless, its coloring will hide it well. 14. The committee ____is_____ ready to make its recommendations public. 15. Both apparatus ____are_____ available for your use. 16. The family ____is____ fighting among themselves constantly.
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Unformatted text preview: 17. The fish in the aquarium ____is____ waiting for their daily feeding. 18. Each of those species of birds ____are____ common in Florida. 19. All sheep ____are____ dipped in the spring to kill parasites. 20. The press ____is____ requested to show their credentials to the guard. 21. Alumnus of the university __are___ invited to the graduation ceremony. 22. These bacteria ____is____ being studied by university scientists. 23. English ____is____ heard all over the world. 24. The Portuguese ___is___ fortunate to have such a beautiful coastline. 25. Many Vietnamese ____are____ living in the United States. 26. The criteria for promotion ___is___ clearly stated. 27. The appendices ___are____ usually found at the back of a book. 28. Supernatural phenomena ___is____ of great interest to many people. King, Carol, and Nancy Stanley. Building Skills for the TOEFL Test. England: Longman, 1996.153, 155, 156....
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Present Tense Exercise - 17. The fish in the aquarium...

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