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Subordinated Clause - 6 After I_had watered the grass it...

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Subordinated Clause For each of the following sentences, paying attention to the tense of the underlined verb, complete the sentence correctly by filling in the blank with either the Past Perfect or the Simple Present of the verb shown in brackets. For example: When I first met him, he ___ already _________. (to graduate) When I first met him, he had already graduated. We will read the information before we ____ a decision. (to make) We will read the information before we make a decision. 1. They ______ already _______________ the letter when they heard the news. 2. They will wait until he ______comes_______. (to come) 3. She will help us if we ________ask_________ for assistance. (to ask) 4. Although I ___had begged____ him to come, he stayed away. (to beg) 5. He will send for us as soon as he _____has_____ time. (to have)
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Unformatted text preview: 6. After I _______had watered_______ the grass, it started to rain. (to water) 7. When we called, they __had__ already __left__ the house. (to leave) 8. He will watch while they ______perform_______ their tricks. (to perform) 9. By the time I ____had organized_____ everything, it was past nine o'clock. (to organize) 10. They will signal when they _________are________ ready. (to be) 11. Even though we ____had brought____ warm clothes, we became quite cold. (to bring) 12. If it _____snows_____ tomorrow, we will go skiing. (to snow) 13. We __had__ just ______finished______ supper, when the phone rang. (to finish) 14. I will let you know when I _________find_________(to find) Source: http://www.fortunecity.com/bally/durrus/153/gramex07.html#15...
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