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Engl202A HW 1 "Wild Life"

Engl202A HW 1 "Wild Life" - Wild Life 1...

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“Wild Life” 1 In the first sentence of the section, “Making Real Change to Improve Animal Conditions,” Grandin observes, “I think people in general are becoming abstractified.” With that being said, Grandin is implying that people in today’s society are being distracted by politics. For instance, Grandin states “People who wanted to help animals used to study animal behavior. Today they go to law school.” When she uses the word “abstractified” it really connotes the change that many people have undergone due to the rise of politics and technology. I agree with Grandin and her definition of “abstractified”, I believe she supports her argument well with facts and her own personal experience. 2 The last section of “Make Wild Animals Economically Valuable to Local People” exemplifies Rogerian argument. This is true because Rogerian argument must “maintain a mask of neutrality” and “conclude by advocating a compromise.”
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