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MKT 571 DQ 2 without references - being brought online More...

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The following are the trend that are recognized in this macro-environment that marketers should target. If fact, they are targeting. 1. MOBILITY: The World is getting increasingly wireless and smaller. there is a trend toward using mobile devices to accomplish everyday tasks, including trading stocks, dating, and ordering food via WiFi enabled devices. The gadgets are getting smaller and their applications wider. We are moving toward paperless world. 2. E-Commerce: E-commerce is bringing in era of seamless transactions. Movement of services, money, data are all getting eletronic. More number of goods and services are
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Unformatted text preview: being brought online. More plastic is used as agains paper money. Click and mortar models are becoming larger and wider as against brick and mortar models. 3 Green Revolution: The trend of developing eco friendly (earth friendly) products is fast catching. Huge amount of dollars are spent in every sector, be it consumer products, electronics, textiles, etc in research and development. R&D is also being done to develop and use bio-degradable products and waste management and treatment to move away from plastice and inch towards environment and climate protection....
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