week 3 revived!

week 3 revived! - August Comte 1798-1857 interested in what...

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August Comte 1798-1857 interested in what can science know and never know Isaac Newton white light is a mixture of all the colors of the rainbow looked at green light coming out of the other side visible light is just a small part of the electromagnetic spectrum light is a form of electromagnetic radiation there is electromagnetic radiation all around us radio waves are passing through our bodies. . the light in the room is radiation you are emitting infrared radiation right now! Light is a wave and is characterized by wavelength frequency all the electromagnetic radiation travels at the same speed: 300,000 km/s the speed of light! the same everywhere in the universe electromagnetic radiation are forms of light microwaves travel at the speed of light the speed of a wave is given by speed=wavelength x frequency speed of light= wavelength x frequency wavelength decreases, as frequency increases speed is constant Questions shortest wave lengths—tighter and smaller color shortest wave length—blue, , violet==the shortest, dark red== longest which of the following is a form of light? radio waves x rays blue light ALL which of the following travels at the slowest—all travels at the same speed The different frequencies of light make up the electromagnetic spectrum light is kinda weird waves of light come in little packets light is both a particle and a wave light becomes in packets called photons each photon travels at the speed of light and is characterized by a frequency and wavelength the energy carried by a photon is proportional to its frequency energy= planck’s contestant x frequency the higher the frequency, the higher the energy of the photon
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the higher the energy, the more damage a photon can do questions which color has the highest energy? Blue light, violet which is the shortest wave length—an xray Radio waves have the least energy, gamma rays have the most energy the visible spectrum hot dense sources like a light bulb produce a continuous spectrum the elements make up matter matter is made of atoms atoms are made of positively charged protons neutral neutrons negatively charged electrons the number of protons is the atomic number and determines which element we have number of protons and neutrons is the atomic mass number the same element can have different atomic masses – called
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week 3 revived! - August Comte 1798-1857 interested in what...

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