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Fall 2011 Review for test one The test will include multiple choice, fill in the blank and true/false questions as well as short answer questions. Be sure you understand the following terms and concepts from the lectures, the textbook and/or other assigned readings. --Know what each term and concept means and why/how it's important to magazines. --Be able to cite illustrative examples. OVERVIEW OF MAGAZINES ( Chapter 1) The six distinguishing characteristics of magazines. o specialization of audience and content o contemplation o timelessness/depth o opinionated, know audience sentiments o authoritative/expertise o periodically How advances in online and digital technology have both helped and hurt the magazine business. o more advertising o give more space o allow to got deeper o talk to readers 24/7 o publisher issues with apple o Types of magazines o consumer- popular consumption, narrowed into general/special interest, o trade- controlled circulation, can send free copies, set high subscription rates, designed for people in specific profession, emphasize industry news service (PC World, PDN) understated, o public relations- get the good word out, stress positivity, report company news, publisize achievements and good works, put compay in good light, published by business free to clients o custom- (Food and Family by Kraft) contain articles about a company’s products/services as well as more geneal products, resemble consumer mags, type of PR o society & association- published by various non profits, educate public and/or promote group (American Library) Regarding the reading from Slate ("The magazine isn't dying"): o What a spinoff magazine is- are another major casualty of the magazine pullback o why the author criticized this kind of magazine-
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review sheet(1) - MAG 205 Fall 2011 Review for test one The...

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