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CPS 196 week 8 - returns integer—return 0 Arrays in...

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October 17, 11 Functions - Eq: printf, scanf, system (“cls”) - Functions that you have created: int main (void)= special function called by operating system Four things about Functions - Who can call this function (ignore) - Type of value it returns - Its name - The arguments it takes Int main (void) type of value function returns name argument (return 0;) 0 is an integer this is the same When there is nothing to return, use void function doesn’t return anything- no return 0
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Unformatted text preview: returns integer—return 0 Arrays in Functions asjing for valuje of each for(i=1; i<=numData; i++) Oct 19, 2011 Global variables #include <stdio.h> int x, y; x and y will be available in every part, they are the global variables unlike in code if you declare another x and y locally (above return x+y)—C will pick local variable first Function calling Function i’s are not the same 9 initializes green i plus 5, 4, int x...
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