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335 Notes - OrganizationalBehaviorAnOverviewofKeyConcepts

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Organizational Behavior—An Overview of Key Concepts 17:54 Organizational Behavior—An Overview of Key Concepts organization- a collective with a common goal working to pursue this goal organization will have an ultimate/overall goal,  social movement- didn’t have same goal organization are formal and have well defined roles Organization What is it? associate members of an organization someone who elects to be involved hired shared belief as the organization employee who does basic tasks, lowest level of organization’s hierarchy process of conversion is done hands on by associate members Natural system difference between rational and natural—in rational, same goal, in natural  different/multiple goals are being pursued Google all work on own concepts, but all work to improve the company We adopt this definition of Organization
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Common Features of Organizations system has roles and rules
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335 Notes - OrganizationalBehaviorAnOverviewofKeyConcepts

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