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EE3221 - 200 Word Essay

EE3221 - 200 Word Essay - rounded in the structures of...

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Mariel Losso EE 3221 Mr. Scalzo August 29, 2005 I am a junior currently double majoring in Computer and Electrical Engineering. I soon plan to change back to just Computer engineering, because I feel my passion resides more in the digital and computer area of electrical engineering then anything. I have always been an avid programmer, every since I was in the 10 th grade attempting to teach myself C++. Because of the programming aspect along with the opportunity to become an expert in hardware, Computer Engineering provides the best opportunity to be well
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Unformatted text preview: rounded in the structures of computing. That is the main reason I would like to pursue computer engineering after I graduate. While I enjoy all sciences, I would rather do away with all association with physics after my pre-requisites of Physics 2101 and 2102 are over with. The other branches of engineering, though very interesting, and communications and signal processing are both fields that grab my attention very much, there is too much physics that I do not find myself enjoying doing the work as much as I do with computers....
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