CS 1301 Recitation 7 10_6

CS 1301 Recitation 7 10_6 - os.path.isdir(path) returns...

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>>> f = open("numbers.txt", "r") >>> f.read() >>> f.readline() >>> f.readlines() read and readline will return strings readlines will return array >>> aFile = open("blankfile.txt","w") >>> aFile.write("apple") >>> aFile.write("peach") >>> aFile.write("orange") >>> aFile.close() >>> aFile = open("blank.txt", "w") >>> aFile.write("apple \n") >>> aFile.write("peach \n") >>> aFile.close()
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Unformatted text preview: os.path.isdir(path) returns TRUE and FALSE. True if there is a directory in that path named that. False if there isnt. os.listdir(path) returns list containing the names of the entries in the directory given by its path. os.path.join(path1[,path2[,]]) concatenates 2+ screen inputs and validates them as a directory...
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