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1/17-19 Reconstruction and Citizenship (1865-1900) Today’s “Thinking Historically” Tip – think about groups, not just individuals Who gets to be an American citizen, and on what terms? 3 groups: o African Americans (former slaves, or “freedmen”) o American Indians (citizens of tribes? Or US?) o Chinese immigrants (newcomers, but not from Europe) “The Freedmen” What the Civil War did and did not settle: o States couldn’t secede and for own governments o Settled emancipation but not what rights they would receive (citizenship rights) o Black codes were about curtailing rights of freedmen Political Power Struggle o The Democratic Party – dominated by South, party of Confederacy, party of white Supremacy. Believed in limited government. Believed democracy could only work if non-whites were kept in a subservient position; otherwise, class warfare would break out. o
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