The World War and America

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The World War and America Slide 1: First global conflict- involved colonies in Africa and Asia as well. Americans shocked at actions of Euro nations to one another. Felt relieved and superior- they are above the savagery of the Euro nations. May 1917 we entered the war with a higher idealism, out to transform the world to push democracy. War to end all wars. Rally around the cause of wars. Slide 3: Austria-Hungary empire of Hapsburgs. Went along with Germany for the most part. Together made up most of Central and Eastern Europe. Neither was very democratic. Allied Powers: France and GB are allies, representative gov’ts like the US. Urban-industrial countries that were large imperial powers. Russia was outlier- not a democracy (run by czars). Armisitice in 1918 ended hostilities, folloed by treaty of Paris (Versailles) in 1919. Slide 4: Never ending debate in the US regarding over whether or not will have big hand in mediating conflict or whether or not will avoid getting involved and only work in its own best interests. Unilateralism vs. cooperation.
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