New Deal Public Works and the Building of America

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New Deal Public Works and the Building of America, 1933-1941 FDR’s alphabet soup CCC-Civilian Conservation Corps, REA, TVA-Tennessee Valley Authority, WPA-Works Progress Administration, PWA-Public Works Administration By the numbers Of New Deal federal spending b/w 1933 and 1939, 67% went to public works 1,650 increase over federal construction before depression PWA + WPA= $8.2 billion dollars spent $8.2 billion= 12.6% of entire economy Going all in PWA deployed funds in all but 3 of nation’s 3,071 counties WPA built 78,000 bridges, 40,000 public buildings, and more FDR feared Dems taking his spot; people thought he wanted to build things to help with his reelection- boondocks (building something just for the sake of building it). FDR did not want to be known like Hoover. Questions to consider? Was New Deal economic or political project? Were public works intended to pump money into economy or put people to work?
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