Lecture Aug 30 - Reconstruction Citizenship (1)

Lecture Aug 30 - Reconstruction Citizenship (1) - • 14th...

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Lecture 8/30 - Reconstruction Citizenship Who gets to be an American Citizen, and on what terms? 3 groups: African Americans, American Indians, Chinese Immigrants What the Civil War settled? (who would win the American West, the Confederacy would not become its own independent nation, how reunification would take place, slavery) What the Civil War didn't settle? (citizenship, what place freedmen would have in their life, were slaves actually free people) 13th Amendment, 1865: Slavery
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Unformatted text preview: • 14th Amendment, 1868: Citizenship. Section 1 is most important • 15th Amendment, 1870: Voting. White women were citizens but could not vote • Rapid Gains were seen by the freedmen • Southern Democrats (The "White Supremacy" Creed, Supported b Northern Democrats) • Northern Republicans (New problems in the North such as city growth and corruption, Business replace social reform) • Southern Republicans (Blacks and poor whites isolated by 1890)...
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