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Chinese Immigration Ppt Notes

Chinese Immigration Ppt Notes - Most recent immigrants...

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Chinese Immigration Ppt Notes Gold Rush of 1849-1880 . Most immigrants male, from southeastern China. Chinese gold rushers treated badly, laws passed taxing them even more. Railroad company contracted laborers from China, paid in food, lodging, and their transportation to the US. Went through the brutal sierras with handpicks and dynamite. Many perished. Chinese and Irish crews did a lot of labor, competed. 1869: getting across America made much easier by completion. Telegraphs put next to rail lines and underwater so news could be transmitted very quickly. Transatlantic telegraphing. Country was pretty much open. Now naturalization rules set by Congress. 1790- all free white persons can become naturalized citizens 1870- white persons and ppl of African descent can vote Brought up questions of Asians citizenship. Congress did not believe they should be citizens. Asians could live here but not become citizens if they wanted to.
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Unformatted text preview: Most recent immigrants picked on during economic downturn. Riots in LA and San Fran, throughout California. White citizens invade Chinatown. Irishmen gain through Workingmen Party and mobilized anti-Chinese movement. Laborer definition broadly defined. Cemented no naturalization law. Singled out Chinese as ethnic group. Workingmen did not get deportation but did get no return and prohibition of new immigrants. First illegal immigrants now, as Chinese tried to come through Mexico or Canada. Children are citizens by birth in 14 th amendment, so in court case Wong Kim Ark argued that he was denied entrance on the grounds of being Chinese and should be b/c of Jus Soli. Japanese never get formal exclusion act, but T Roosevelt makes agreement with Japanese gov’t eventually to limit immigration....
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