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Problem Set 2.2012 - Increasing Human Population The Greatest Environmental Problem Fall 2010 Lecture 2 1

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SSC185 Land and Life Problem Set 2 Due February 7, 2012 **** SHOW ALL CALCUALTIONS **** A. Access the internet for “world population” and/or “population clock” through these sites: World ..... or. ..... US From the World and US population clock…. .record sufficient population growth data and graph these data in Excel similar to that shown below. You will produce 2 graphs (World and US). Your #s on the “y axis” will vary. 1. Calculate World and US population growth rate ( people/minute ). You can use “add trendline” in Excel, then “display equation on graph” (use linear equation). 2. Using this rate, calculate annual growth rate ( people/year ) 3. Using the annual growth rate, estimate World and US population in 2050 4. If population growth rate decreased by 10%, recalculate World and US population in 2050 B.
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