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Practice Exam-1 KEY 1. Of the following, which is most likely to result in evolution by natural selection? a. The children of bodybuilders tend to be much more athletic, on average, than other children because the characteristics and abilities gained by their parents have been passed on to the children. b. Wide-scale use of DDT in the mid-1900s selected against insects that had no resistance to DDT. Only the insects that were resistant to DDT survived. These insects mated and passed their resistance genes on to their offspring. c. A man who is susceptible to periodontal (gum) disease takes very good care of his teeth in order to prevent tooth loss. If he takes good care of his teeth, chances are that his children will inherit low risk for gum disease. d. A woman has smoked for over 30 years of her life. Over time, this has caused damage to her lungs leading to lung cancer. e. All of the above 2. Many commercial pesticides become less effective after 2-3 years because a. pests with resistant genes will survive and reproduce. b. new pests invade the area. c. genetic drift changes the environment rendering the pesticide less effective. d. the chemicals mutate. e. the chemicals induce mutations that convey immunity. 3. Which of the following traits probably arose through sexual selection? a. speed in cheetahs b. camouflage in walking stick insects c. brighter plumage in male birds d. migration in whales e. schooling behavior in fish 4. Two different species of birds, one in Australia and one in the U.S. have long bills used to obtain nectar from flowers. Since these two species are unrelated, yet use these structures to survive in similar environments, we would say that this is an example of: a. Convergent evolution b. Divergent evolution c. Biogeography d. Balancing selection e. Gene flow 5. The concept that the tempo of evolution is sporadic is known as: a. punctuated equilibrium b. catastrophism c. gradualism d. Darwinian success e. negative-frequency dependent 6. Over the past year, purple flowers have become more abundant than the white ones of the same species. As the number of purple flowers increases, the likelihood that its pollinator visits a purple flower decreases. As a matter of fact, recently, the pollinators seem to spend more time at the white flowers. This is an example of: a. Disruptive selection
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Practice Exam-1 KEY b. Heterozygote advantage c. Directional selection d. Stabilizing selection e. Negative-frequency dependent 7. A statement of overall findings and a description in the trends on the data, including graphs and tables are usually found in which part of a scientific paper? a. Introduction b. Methods c. Results d. Discussion e. Conclusion 8. In science, the term theory generally applies to an idea that a. is a speculation lacking supportive observations or experiments. b.
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PracticeExam1_KeyF10 - Practice Exam-1 KEY 1 Of the...

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