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Job Order Costing – Example SOLUTION Wolfpack Inc. manufactures widgets. Here is the information the managerial accountant for Wolfpack has on his desk/computer: Beginning of Year (2013) Estimated Information: Estimated direct materials costs $ 200,000 Estimated indirect materials costs $ 60,000 Estimated direct labor costs $ 300,000 Estimated indirect labor costs $ 100,000 Estimated factory rent costs $ 120,000 Estimated factory utilities costs $ 40,000 Estimated administrative utilities costs $ 20,000 Estimated advertising costs $ 40,000 Estimated Company President/CEO salary $ 150,000 Estimated total number of machine hours = 10,000 hours Estimated total number of direct labor hours = 40,000 hours End of Year (2013) Actual Information: Actual direct materials costs $ 215,000 Actual indirect materials costs $ 55,000 Actual direct labor costs $ 340,000 Actual indirect labor costs $ 110,000 Actual factory rent costs $ 120,000
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Job_Order_Costing_Example_CP_Soln - Job Order Costing...

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