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JL Chapter 05 questions - MKTG Chapter 5Developing a Global...

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MKTG Chapter 5—Developing a Global Vision 1. Individuals and organizations utilizing a global vision to effectively market goods and services across the world are engaged in: a. international selling schemes b. borderless commerce c. global marketing standardization d. global logistics e. global marketing 2. The primary reason large U.S. companies send U.S. jobs abroad is because labor costs are higher here in the United States. They are engaging in _____. a. outsourcing b. global trade c. multinational employee searches d. employee export e. global employment 3. Many people fear world trade because it: a. will inevitably lead to inflation b. will cause living standards to increase at a slower rate c. causes some people to lose their jobs as production shifts abroad d. has brought entire nations out of poverty e. has increased per capita income for some countries 4. Apple Inc. has partnerships with wireless carriers in Japan, Spain and a handful of other European countries. Apple Inc works with suppliers and retailers worldwide. This means that Apple is a _____. a. multinational corporation b. worldwide competitor c. marketplace competitor d. domestic corporation e. foreign investor 5. Which of the following is a criticism of multinational corporations? a. multinationals sometimes support reactionary and oppressive regimes b. multinationals require excessive employment information
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c. countertrading d. the transference of labor-intensive technology
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JL Chapter 05 questions - MKTG Chapter 5Developing a Global...

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