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JL Chapter 10 questions - Chapter 10Product Concepts 1. _...

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1. _____ are products consumers see as being basically the same, so consumers shop for the lowest price. a. Low-prestige specialty products b. Product equivalents c. Heterogeneous shopping products d. Generic convenience products e. Homogeneous shopping products 2. Which of the following products is most likely to be considered an example of a heterogeneous shop- ping product? a. apartment b. laundry detergent c. blender d. package of pens e. dog food 3. _____ products are searched for extensively, and substitutes are not acceptable. These products may be quite expensive, and often distribution is limited. a. Exclusive shopping b. Homogeneous convenience c. Branded shopping d. Specialty e. Heterogeneous convenience 4. In general, most consumers don’t spend a lot of time thinking about their funeral. So some funeral home advertising tries to get them to think about their loved-ones and encourage preplanning their fu- neral. This is an attempt to get people to think about a product that most consumers do not actively seek. In other words, insurance is a(n) _____ product. a.
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JL Chapter 10 questions - Chapter 10Product Concepts 1. _...

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