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jl Chapter 13 questions
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MKTG Chapter 13—Marketing Channels 1. A _____ is a business structure of interdependent organizations that reaches from the point of product origin to the consumer. a. facilitating agency or place member b. marketing mix intermediary c. selective distribution channel d. marketing channel or channel of distribution e. transportation channel or channel of movement 2. Marketing channels can achieve economies of scale through: a. overcoming spatial discrepancies b. contact expertise c. specialization and division of labor d. overcoming temporal discrepancies e. overcoming discrepancies of quantity 3. A discrepancy of _____ is the difference between the amount of product produced and the amount an end user wants to buy. a. space b. quantity c. assortment d. accumulation e. possession 4. When an intermediary in the channel of distribution owns the merchandise and controls the terms of the sale, this is referred to as: a. complete control b. exclusive distribution c. taking title d. contact efficiency
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e. economies of scale
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