Mat 117 week 1 dq - Mat 117 week 1 dqs Week One DQ#1...

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Mat 117 week 1 dq’s Week One - DQ #1 - Exponents Due Week One Day Two (Tuesday) Post your response to these questions by clicking on Reply . Explain three rules for exponents listed in the chart on p. 239 (section 4.2). Do not explain the first two definitions listed in the table (Exponent of 1 or 0). Create an expression for your classmates to solve that uses scientific notation and at least one of the rules for exponents you have described. Consider responding to your classmates by assisting them in solving the problem you created, developing their explanations of the rules of exponents, or describing real-life situations where their examples might exist. The three rules for exponents that I decided to explain were; the Quotient Rule, Power Rule and the Product Rule. The Quotient Rule is where you are dividing a number with a power by another number with a power for example you subtract the second power value from the value of the first. An example of this is The Power Rule is when you are multiplying a power by another power, for instance 5
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Mat 117 week 1 dq - Mat 117 week 1 dqs Week One DQ#1...

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