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One major option for contraception is withdrawal in which the male times when he is about to ejaculate and removing his penis from the vagina right before. 27 out of 100 women become pregnant the first year with “typical use” (inconsistent or incorrect use) meaning it has a 73% success rate and a 27% failure rate. Only 4 of 100 become pregnant the first year using withdrawal with “perfect use” (consistent and always
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Unformatted text preview: correct) that means the success rate is 96% and the failure rate is 4%. A pro of withdrawal is there is no cost to use it and it does not ruin the mood or the spontaneity of intercourse but the cons are that it does not protect against pregnancy if any sperm is left inside the vagina or against any STI’s that might be present in either partner. This form of birth control is very risky at best....
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