SCI 162 wk 9 dq - SCI 162 wk 9 dqs DQ 1 According to Figure...

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SCI 162 wk 9 dq’s DQ 1 According to Figure 7.4, what are the effects of Amphetamines on the body and mind? Amphetamines have many effects on the body and mind of those who take them. Low doses and high doses effects differ as well. A low dose on the body will cause; increased heart rate, breathing rate and blood pressure, a decreased appetite, and the inability to sleep. Higher doses cause more extreme symptoms such as; sweating, dry mouth, muscle twitching leading to convulsions, fever, chest pain and irregular heartbeat and finally death if the dose is too high. Those are just the effects on the body. A low dose for your mind causes; increased confidence, feelings of alertness, restlessness, irritability and decreased fatigue. Higher doses cause; fearfulness, distrust of people, repetitive behaviors, hallucinations, and worse psychosis. While the effects on the body go from mild to severe in their form, the mind effects seem to start off somewhat positive before higher doses reverse any positive effect amphetamines may have had. I can understand how some people may be so desperate in their lives to use these drugs because of the decreased fatigue and increased confidence and alertness.
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SCI 162 wk 9 dq - SCI 162 wk 9 dqs DQ 1 According to Figure...

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