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Alcohol THE DRINKING GAME BARBARA WALTERS, host: We're not New Year's Eve party poppers, but the drinking game we want you to play now is extremely important, especially if you think you know your drinking limits. The contest involves three socialable guys and a lot of alcohol. We teamed up with Men's Health magazine to bring you the drinking game once before. On Monday, when the clock strikes midnight, we hope you remember Dr. Timothy Johnson's report. DR TIM JOHNSON, ABC NEWS [VO] The holiday party: great food, good cheer, and lots of seasonal spirit. Actually, make that spirits, the liquid kind. Two-fisted party goers especially look forward to this time of the year when open bars are the norm. But all too often it seems some of the revelers are noticeably tipsy, even sloppy drunk, victims of the bottomless bottoms up. And typically, nobody saw it coming until too late. So is there a way to tell who is more likely to get drunk? The editors of Men's Health Magazine wanted a way to show readers how easy it is to get dangerously drunk. Working with 20/20, the editors set up a supervised drinking contest, the kind of game to see which of three contestants would get drunk first. In this game, the winner would actually be the loser. Playing the game, three guys selected for their body sizes, one small, one medium, and one large. WARREN GREENE My name is Warren Greene, and I'm 27 years old, 150 pounds. TIM JOHNSON [VO] Warren is a regular drinker, meeting friends several times during the week for one or two beers or scotches. ANDREW TABER My name is Andrew Taber, I'm 27 years old, I'm 6'1", about 170 pounds. TIM JOHNSON [VO] Andrew rarely drinks. A beer, occasionally, and every now and then a glass of wine at home with fiancee Kim. ROYAL BROWN My name is Royal Brown. I'm 30 years old, 6'3" and 215 pounds. TIM JOHNSON [VO] Royal knocks back a shot of schnapps with pals a couple of times a week, but his regular drink is beer. ROYAL BROWN Being 6'3", being a bigger guy, I've always, you know, you know, probably drank more maybe than the average person. TIM JOHNSON [VO] For the record, none of our guys is the town drunk. None has a history of alcohol abuse. The Bethlehem Brewing Company in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, hosted the drinking contest.
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sci162r3_alcohol - Axia College Material Alcohol THE...

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