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POLS2221 Final Study Guide

POLS2221 Final Study Guide - 5:45 pm(arrive 15 minutes...

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5:45 pm (arrive 15 minutes early) – UQ Union Complex-Holt Format Pick 3/5 short answers (total 15%) o Each answer approx. 350 words worth 5% Pick 1/2 essay questions (15%) o Answer approx. 1000-1200 words Make an argument that directly answers the topic Read last chapter of Ikenberry Short Answer Questions (5 will appear) 1. American Exceptionalism (what I know, what I think is interesting) (2006/2007/2008) (Week 2/3) Central myth: The Unique harmonisation of US Power and US virtue o The odd religious aspect o US as the new Jerusalem o Belief US democracy is the best in the world Are these values ‘American’ or ‘universal’ values According to H. Kissinger o Belief that the US must either Act as an example to the world Or save the world by bringing it democracy Or do both in the same time o US F.P oscillates between Hyper-idealism & hyper-nationalism The sense of responsibility that the US holds toward the cultivating the international liberal order is bound with the belief in exceptionalism 2. Visual Insurgency (2010) (Week 12) What bothers so many people about the US is that it sends its culture, values, economies, technologies and lifestyles everywhere (T. Friedman) Cf the Merchants of Cool Sometimes embraced and sometimes denounced as cultural imperialism According to B. Barber, the McWorld is… “a product of popular culture driven by expensionist commerce. Its template is American, its form style. Its goods are as much images as material, an aesthetic as well as a product line. It is about culture as commodity, apparel as ideology (1996: 17) A contested form of ‘progress’ The cultural messages the US sends through its icons can both captivate or offend other societies ‘Hollywood’ thus, is a means to diffuse a system of values and knowledge Practices of knowledge production shape social & political reality It also affect the shape, endurance or fragility of any given order 3. The Project for a New American Century (Week 9) Nature and purpose of US power Challenge of the coming century: To preserve and enhance the ‘American peace’
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5:45 pm (arrive 15 minutes early) – UQ Union Complex-Holt Strategy of US pre-eminence today and tomorrow Hard power enhancement Alternative ? Lessened US global leadership and loss of global security order Cold War 21 st Century (PNAC)
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POLS2221 Final Study Guide - 5:45 pm(arrive 15 minutes...

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