POLS2221 Lecture Notes 9-14-2011

POLS2221 Lecture Notes 9-14-2011 - POLS2221 The US &...

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Week Eight: The post-Cold War: Order or Disorder? Today’s order of procedures o The end of the Cold War: the unipolar moment o The new world order and Operation Desert Storm o “Post-Cold War” Order: characteristics Big Bangs and Order Change o Peter Katzenstein’s view history as a “sequence of irregular big bangs” o Changes in FP occur at “defining” moments: mainly at the ending of wars o A semi-anomaly: the ending of the C o Contra any rationale predition, the S.U. implodes: suddenly, peaceably, almost quietly o A most incredible development in the history of the state system o “for the first time in memory, a fundamental transformation of the international system had occurred without a major war as the engine of change” (Rochester) Exam: could ask about big bang on exam The Unipolar Moment o Combination of sudden collapse of S.U. , slowdown in Japan and Europe, as well as US outsized military spending bipolarity vanishes o The end of the CQ left the US in a position of overwhelming power unseen since the Roman Empire…in virtually every important dimension of power The Unipolar Moment o Unipolarity: relates to the distinctive distribution of material resources: military, economic, technological, “geographical” (Ikenberry) o Disappearance of other poles of power o Unprecedented unipolar moment offers new opportunities and choices The Unipolar Moment o Consensual or coercive; legitimate or illegitimate? o Would unipolarity remove constraints and alter the force/ consent mix in favour of force? o
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POLS2221 Lecture Notes 9-14-2011 - POLS2221 The US &...

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