Semester 2 2009


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Unformatted text preview: VENUE: THE UNIVERSITY SEATNUMBER; % § OF QUEENSLAND STUDENT WW AUSTRALIA NUMBER: STUDENT NAME: Surname First Name FINAL EXAMINATION St Lucia Campus _ Semester Two 2009 i POLS2402 GL-BALlZATIN, _. a: MIG PU _ iCAL PERUSAL TIME 10 mins. During perusal, write on the blank paper provided WRITING TIME 2:00 Hours EXAMINER A/Prof Geoff Dow This examination paper has 2 pages (include title page and attachments) and is printed Single-Sided THIS EXAMINATION PAPER MUST NOT BE REMOVED FROM THE EXAMINATION ROOM Examiner’s use ONLY Exam Type: Closed Book - No materials permitted Question Mark L Permitted Materials: Calculator - No I Dictionary - No Other - — No electronic aids are permitted (e.g. laptops, phones) 3 Answer: (Where All Questions on Writing booklet students should write answers) ________. .______________. i Other Instructions: Total Number of Questions: (for the 3 whole examination) Tom Number 0f 33 total number of marks 3 Marks mm Students must comply with the General Award Rules 1A.5 and 1A.? which outline the responsibilities of students during an examination. POL82402 Globalization and international Political Economy — Final Examination, Second Semester, 2009 Complete each section Each section is of equal value Section 1 ln approximately one paragraph each, explain the contribution of four (4) of the following to our understanding of contemporary globalization: Friedrich List David Ricardo Karl Marx John Maynard Keynes Karl Polanyi Linda Weiss Ha-Joon Chang Section 2 Comment critically on the following passage from Colin Hay’s essay “The global sources of depoliticization” (2007): There is one very important way in which, notwithstanding the empirical evidence globalization continues to exert a powerful influence on policy—making autonomy and the capacity for democratic deliberation at the national level. That is through the idea of globalization. Quite simply, if policy-makers believe that their autonomy is greatly diminished and that, in an era of globalization, their policy choices must be driven by the perceived imperatives of competitiveness, they will deny themselves the political autonomy they might otherwise enjoy. The resulting loss of the capacity for democratic political deliberation is no less significant - nor is this depoliticization that ensues. Although the state today consumes a greater share of global GDP than at any previous point in its history, and although economic openness is in fact positively correlated with most indices of state expenditure and activity, the so-called era of globalization has undoubtedly precipitated a crisis of confidence in the capacity and autonomy of domestic policy-makers. In this respect, globalization has much to do with it. Section 3 Write a short essay on the conceptual controversies in political economy implied by ONE (1) of the following: politics vs markets contrasting modes of regulation structural change in capitalist economies Page 2 of2 ...
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This note was uploaded on 02/16/2012 for the course POLS 2402 taught by Professor Dow during the Three '11 term at Queensland.

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