Reading week 7 (summary of Harvey)

Reading week 7 - Reading week 7(on Labour and responses to globalization compare Harveys conclusion with conclusion to Howard Guilles lecture on

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Reading week 7 (on Labour and responses to globalization) [– compare Harvey’s conclusion with conclusion to Howard Guille’s lecture on ‘what can we do’ – via global unions, global compacts, ILO standards/ conventions, fair trade deals, social movements etc] Harvey on crises: ‘irrational rationalization’ economic crises - incl debt and bail-outs!! Are financial crises = ‘economic crises’ as in political economy? finance seen as an essential evil jobless growth; capitalists won’t ↑ spatial fixes equality as a (progressive) principle; extension of political rights alternatives to neo-liberalism, alternatives to capitalism? re-empowerment of the deprived (+ rights of labour). No anti-capitalist movement? This seems to be an important issue for Harvey – should we agree with him?
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