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Aaron Stamper - classes to successfully prepare these...

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Aaron Stamper Comp 2 Jan 8 th , 2012 After reviewing several different topics for the quarter long theme for composition II, I have chosen to go with the theme of “Should parents physically punish their children for bad behavior”. I chose this topic for several reasons, one being that there has been a lot of research done and several articles have been published. Second, because I have a strong opinion on the subject and I think since I have a strong opinion on it, I won’t have much trouble creating good papers on my research. Also, this topic is a strong subject among people who have children, young siblings or have been physically punished themselves, so it should attract the attention of my fellow classmates. I will approach the assignments given by studying the materials that are available and necessary to the furthest of my ability, and by using the technics used in previous composition
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Unformatted text preview: classes to successfully prepare these assignments. Each assigned essay will be given adequate time to prepare, review, edit, review again and make final changes in order to deliver a straight-forward and accurate description of the problems, issues and strong points that underline my topic. By following the guidelines given in each project, my classmates and I will have strong knowledge of the subject and be able to create their own opinion on the subject by the end of the term. I feel that this subject is a good subject once again because of the subject matter. As everyone has been a child at one point, everyone can relate to, or have their own beliefs on the subject, thus creating an interesting topic for review....
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