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English Comp.2 Essay 2 definition Shepherd February 14,2012 Childhood Bi-Polar Disorder Diagnosing children and young adults with BI-Polar Disorder is a growing epidemic throughout the United States. Physicains and Psychologists are diagnosing children as young as four years of age with bi-polar disorder, prescribing them drugs to sustain their moods and behavioral problems. These medications such as Lithium, a mood stabilizer, is one that has been tested on adults and approved by the FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration) to treat the disorder for use with young teenagers and adults twelve years of age and older. Yet, FDA’s approval of Lithium was based on studies done on adults over the age of eighteen. In fact, some experts say that if the FDA was to review this treatment today, they may not approve its use in bi-polar youth.(NIH) Mood stabalizers, anti psychotics and anti depressants are being given to young children and teens, but the unknown is the long term side effects it may have on them down the road. A childs chemistry changes so frequently doctors have to change one’s dose and combination several times before reaching young adulthood. Due to this the effects can sometimes be long erm and seere in some cases, due to the lack of research really done in treating children with such strong perscriptions. Frontline gives an overview on just how bi-polar can effect children and teens and the side effect they encounter while taking these medication that experts are prescribing. One father said it’s like the old rhyme, the little old lady who swallowed a flie, she
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English%20Comp[1] - English Comp.2 Essay 2 definition...

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