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Name: Tyisha Hammond Date: 2-17-09 BUS 107 Homework Assignment Week 6 Answer the following questions from the chapter 3. Upload your answers to the course web site using the Dropbox feature ( do not type your answers in the Comments box in the Dropbox section ). You can use this document to type your answers then just upload it to the web site (type in your name and date at the top of the document). 1. One type of business that uses the Web Catalog Revenue Model is luxury goods. Name the other five types of businesses that use this model and provide some company examples for each type. Computer and Consumer Electronics- Dell Books Music and Videos- Barnes and Noble Clothing Retailers- Bebe, Gap Flowers and Gifts- 1800 Flowers, Mrs. Field Cookies General Discounters- Buy.com 2. The overall success of online advertising, used in the Advertising-Supported Revenue Model , has been hampered by two major problems. Explain these two problems. A. No consensus has emerged on how to measure and charge for site visitor view such as number of visitors, number of unique visitors, number of click through and other attributes of visitor behavior. B. Few websites have sufficient numbers of visitors to interest large advertisers. It can be difficult to determine whether a given website is attracting a specific market segment unless that site collects demographics information from its visitor. 3. Define the Advertising-Subscription Mixed Revenue Model and explain how The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal use this model. Advertising Subscription Mixed Revenue Model has
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week_6__assignment - Name Tyisha Hammond BUS 107 Date...

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