SS101_D - in a long term…big picture • • Micro small...

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SS102-Discussion Sociological Perspectives I. Social Processes a. Cause and effect b. Interpretation and debate Scientific method Sociological perspectives- different ways of looking at things o Scientific approach is what they all have in common  o There is no single right way to study society o Social science isn’t just about facts  Cause and effect- how and why things happen More about why things happen not what Social science is about argument and debate Use knowledge to make better decisions and solutions II. Macro and Micro o C. Wright Mills: “The Sociological Imagination” o Encourages people to use macro and micro together  Macro- big social forces that affects whole sectors and groups of society often 
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Unformatted text preview: in a long term…big picture • • Micro- small. More individual and personal. More subjective. Deal with people’s outlook. Help us to understand the immediate context of events • • Macro perspectives assume that there are powerful forces that affect society • Micro emphasizes individual perceptions of reality • • III. Marx, Weber, Durkeim A. Marx- macro o Conflict Theory & Economics B. Durkheim- macro o Functionalism & Social Integration C. Weber- both macro and micro • Verstehen (empathy) & werfei (objectivity)...
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SS101_D - in a long term…big picture • • Micro small...

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