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The Sociological Imagination by C. Wright Mill SS101 not only do you want to know where you are but how you got there 1950s- cold war and the post WWII period change causes revolution anomie- losing connection to the social norms rules that tell us what and what to do makes us more happy we desperately want to fit in…that’s why we don’t do things out of the norm societies in which changes happen so fast that people don’t understand social rules society wide you get a high suicide rate o society isn’t working well and its not doing what its suppose to do disadvantages- how did people know what their social role was hundreds of years ago…
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Unformatted text preview: tradition, parents, • freedom is a modern idea- you don’t know what is expected from you all the time • • biographies troubles is related to issues • you can see your biography as part of history • conformist society • people are being convinced that they are living in the greatest society. They are reinforcing it themselves • government is telling the society that they have the greatest society and if the people don’t believe it…the people are considered communist so they had to shut their mouths • mills was a rebel and telling the society how it really is...
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