SS101_The Metropolis and Mental Life

SS101_The Metropolis and Mental Life - to many people...

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The Metropolis and Mental Life George Simmel Growth of cities and more people live in urban life  Sensory overload (highlighted area p37) o in a city, people’s sense are to many to cope with o people change their personalities  o what people do as a defense mechanism is you adopt a different type  of a personality learn to shut out people. Treat them as objects blasse –  people treated as objects o cutting people off – very impersonal. Counterintuitive 
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Unformatted text preview: to many people, people devalue relationships in cities, people are behaving in an impersonal way there is no personal connection if under normal circumstances living in the village, your sense of happiness depends on the sense of personal relationships. People learn to evaluate themselves on the basis of money this becomes the substitute for personal...
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