End Of Semester Schedulex

End Of Semester Schedulex - ME 463 Fall 2011 End of...

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ME 463 – Fall 2011 End of Semester Schedule The following table summarizes the end of semester due dates and times for Professor Starkey’s section of ME 463. The Poster Displays and the Malott Award Finalist Presentations and the “ Judges Choice (December 8 and 9) apply to ALL senior design students *The schedule/agenda for the Malott Innovation Awards judging is attached on the LAST PAGE The external judges this year will be: Thomas Malott Brian Teyema, Group Vice President, The Hill Group Jan Shumate, Manager, Plant Engineering, Eastman Chemical Company Jim Rau, Former Vice President for TRW and ME alum Poster Displays: ALL senior design student teams will participate in two poster display sessions, one in which initial judging will take place for the finalists of the Malott Innovation Award, the second in which the “judges choice” award will be selected. The top 5 teams will be selected from the first poster display session to compete in the Finalists Presentations. Prepare a poster (see samples in room 1203) for the poster display We will need an electronic version of the final poster – suggestion, use ppt and print We will also need a summary sheet for each group including: Team name, list of students on the team, project name, brief description of the project, email of team contact person
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End Of Semester Schedulex - ME 463 Fall 2011 End of...

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